The White Petals Burlap Lumbar Throw Pillow Cover (Pleated Fringe, Rustic, 12x16 inch, Pack of 1)

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Size: 12x16 inch  |  Color: Pleated Fringe

Our responsibly made, premium quality Burlap throw pillow covers are sure to get you the look that you have so passionately envisioned.

These easy to maintain pillow covers will make your space look elegant and beautiful without you having to worry about their upkeep.

We are a small women owned boutique establishment. We recognise the innate desire we all have of seeing our homes in our own reflection. Sometimes we just don't find decorative pillow covers in the right combination of quality, color, fabric, finish and of course price to match our style.

This line of pillow covers is designed considering all these variables, and we are sure you won't stop at buying just one (after all there is no such thing as too many pillows :)).