Deer Baby Buck Jungle Zoo Bambi Wildlife Wall Sticker Vinyl Art Decals Decor

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-The picture does not represent the actual size of the decal. They are not to scale. We make them bigger in images so you can better see that designs and looks up close. The size is in inches and will depend on what you pick and is the length of the decal 


-The color is the color as seen in the image Unless you select a different color in the drop down menu.


-We use high quality flat vinyl that is intended for indoor use, If you were planning on putting this somewhere that has more weather exposure let us know and we can use a gloss that vinyl that is meant for outdoor usage.


-Vinyl Art / Wall decorations are the newest trend in households across the world. You can put them on any flat surface, remove them easily without damaging any surface or paint and they are a great conversation piece or simply what your house or bedroom was missing to make it perfect. 


-The decals are for one time use but will last a very long time and are easy to apply and and will look so good it appears as if it is painting on the wall. They also come off with out any damage to your wall or surface 


-Your order will come in a safe secure shipping tube to make sure it isn't damaged on the shipping process and with easy to use instructions on how to apply the decal. The transfer film is already applied to make it an easy transition from the paper to your wall.